Anne Frances MacDonald

Anne Frances MacDonald is the Acquisition Director for Indigo River Publishing and an author. Anne enjoys being able to support other authors through her position, bringing people's words to the world. Prior to working in publishing, Anne was a Special Education Teacher for the Escambia County School District for thirteen years. Working with kids allowed her to support her children and the community through education. She has been married for fourteen years and has two boys, ages eight and ten, both of whom keep her busy. As a working mother, she has many roles. Three years ago, she added published author to her list, publishing her first novel, A Lost Woman. Since then, she has published her second novel, The Blood Inside Me and is currently working on the next installment in the series. Throughout her many careers, she has always been dedicated to supporting others and her community.

Don’t Judge

Ever find yourself dealing with a difficult child in public? The "out of nowhere" tantrum, screaming, crying, stomping their feet, and all for the world to see and admire you as the parent who...

Summer Bucket List: Day Trips for Kids

The best part about summer for our kids is doing the things they never get to do during the school year. For my kids, these are fun excursions to surrounding areas. These activities go...

Summer Bucket List: What Can I Do at Home?

The key to a balanced summer is spending those "chilling out" (as my son calls them) days at the house. But, let's be honest, kids are still going to need something if you don't...

Summer Bucket List: Things to Do in Pensacola

At the beginning of the summer, I always think I have endless days ahead of me filled with waking up late, enjoying my coffee in peace, and finally taking that time to spend with...

Services for Autism Students in Pensacola

As an elementary teacher for students with learning disabilities, I’ve spent countless hours navigating the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) program services to address the pressing needs of my students. Having supported numerous families with...

Life Is All About Choices

If you ask a child what they want, I guarantee you most of them will say "to be an adult," "to make my own decisions" (at least my son does these days). We constantly...
Bored kids

Figure It Out

Do you ever find yourself in that parent trap? This is the trap we often find ourselves in where our children constantly ask us, "what can I do?" Our world is filled with instant...
soccer ball and goal at sunset

Being a Soccer Mom and a Soccer Coach

Gone are the days of getting home and pouring that glass of wine, sitting outside on a nice day, and just unwinding after a long day at work. The kids play in the neighborhood,...

How I Got Published

I've always equated writing and publishing my first novel to being in a relationship; new and exciting in the beginning, filled with hard work and feelings of insecurities in the middle, only to end...

Back to School Checklist

How are we here already? Is it really time to go back to school? While the summer was filled with late mornings, lazy days, and, admittedly, too much technology time, it is time to accept...

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