Cultivating a Love for Read-Alouds in Your Home


I am a wanna-be bookworm.

I have a tendency to start the first chapter or two of a book, and never pick it up again because it didn’t capture my attention. However, I desperately wanted to enjoy books because I wanted to read a book rather than scrolling on my phone or have a relaxing mental break from life.

Most of all, I wanted to enjoy books so I could be a good role model to my children.

I was just looking in the wrong places for book suggestions. I was getting fiction book recommendations, but it turns out I actually enjoy non-fiction. Once I learned what I liked to read, I have been thumbing through books like crazy.

A child may be like me and just hasn’t fallen in love with reading just YET.

Every book isn’t going to spark their interest and that’s OK! It’s important to dedicate time to helping our children find the books that they just can’t put down. That way, they’ll keep coming back for more!

March 2 is National Read Across America Day, a day to celebrate reading.

The day was established by the National Education Association in 1998 to help get kids excited about reading.

We can use this special day to inspire us as parents to foster a love for books within our own homes!

As a speech-language pathologist and mother to three little boys, I try to cultivate a love of books in our home because I know how life-changing it can be to have a love for reading. Truly, the benefits of reading are limitless!

So what are some practical ways to celebrate reading within your home?


I thrive when our home is in a rhythm and following some kind of routine. We have built storytime into our day since children were babies. We read a book before quiet-time/ naptime, as well as before bedtime. Just recently I started to read a seasonal book aloud to Callan (3.5) and Benjamin (2) while they eat breakfast, and they have loved that. It really gets their attention and keeps them engaged! Maybe you listen to an audio version of a family-friendly book while you wait in line for school drop-off or while you make dinner.

Whenever it is, I encourage you to get creative and find a daily read-aloud routine that works for you!

reading books with kids
Casey’s husband, Brandon, reading aloud to their 3 young boys before bedtime

Easy Access

It is so important for children to have access to books. If both children and adults see books throughout the house, they may be more apt to pick them up if they are in common areas of the house. I have book baskets scattered throughout the house in bedrooms, living room, cars, and bathrooms. Anywhere you find your child or yourself sitting!


If you do not have many books in your home for your child or you want to supplement the books you do have, I encourage you to get a library card! You can get a library card for free if you are a resident in Escambia or Santa Rosa County. All you need to do is provide a form of photo identification with your current physical address. Here is a link to apply for a library card in Escambia County and apply for a library card in Santa Rosa County.

Amazon is a great place to find free books. Just search for “Top 100 Free Books” and you can view tons of titles. The books will be sent straight to your Kindle app, device, or computer without paying a penny!

Goodreads is a fantastic website to download really well-known, high-quality titles! In the list, you’ll find plenty of classics and popular, well-loved children’s books, like Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. As you can see, it’s definitely a good place to get your hands on some beloved children’s books.

The books, website, and podcast titled “Read-Aloud Revival” by Sarah Mackenzie have been phenomenal resources for our family. She provides so much information and encouragement, no matter how old your child is. On her website there is a very short quiz for you to complete and then she’ll make book recommendations based on your child’s age and interests. She also has a plethora of categories, I specifically love her “Around the Year in Picture Book” booklists because she highlights books that correlate with the season or holidays in each month. So much fun!

I hope this encourages you to celebrate books and cultivate a culture of reading within your home!


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