Being a Soccer Mom and a Soccer Coach


soccer ball and goal at sunset

Gone are the days of getting home and pouring that glass of wine, sitting outside on a nice day, and just unwinding after a long day at work. The kids play in the neighborhood, mothers gather to participate in adult conversations, and a time to relax.

I haven’t seen a day like that since soccer season started in September.

It’s only been nine weeks, but it feels so much longer because the truth of the matter is during soccer season, I am not just carpooling my kids to and from a weekly practice and a game on the weekends; I am coaching as well.

Not just one team, but two.

I have soccer practice nightly and two games every weekend (mostly one on Friday night and one Saturday morning). Needless to say, I have yet to gain that relaxation in quite some time.

I’ve felt overwhelmed, stressed, and, let’s be honest thirsty (haha) every day for the last nine weeks. Each day is filled with the chaos of rushing home from work, putting on the soccer gear, gathering up all my coaching materials, and figuring out what the heck I plan to teach these kids, or more accurately, how to entertain them for an entire hour of practice.

Then, of course, I manage a group of elementary-age kids in an attempt to teach them how to play soccer.

Let’s not even get into the “what’s for dinner” conundrum.

However, as we approach our final games, freedom from this stressful, overbooked schedule we’ve had for months just a week away, I don’t find myself relieved. I find myself sad.

Despite the stress of this schedule, I have bonded with each of the boys on both of my sons’ soccer teams. Even though I miss out on all the sideline “mom talk” (which I love), being the coach has allowed me to truly get to know my children’s friends and bond with them in a way I would never have otherwise. 

Dare I say? It is priceless.

Not only did I create a bond with my children’s friends, but I also strengthened my bond with my two boys, who are just on the cusp of being “too old” for a lot of things with their mother. As their coach, I have taken a vested interest in something they love to do, shown my love of the sport, and helped nurture their abilities on and off the field.

So as I savor the relaxing glass of wine after work next week, it will be bitter-sweet because I will miss soccer season and all that it holds.

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Anne Frances MacDonald is a Special Education Teacher for the Escambia County School District. Prior to becoming a teacher ten years ago, she worked in the mental health field and foster care system. Working with kids is her passion that has allowed her to support the community through education, social work, and coaching her son’s soccer team. She has been married for twelve years and has two boys, ages seven and six, both of who keep her busy. As a working mother, she has many roles. In the last year, she has added writer to her list, completing her first novel, A Lost Woman. Throughout her career, she has always been dedicated to supporting others and her community.


  1. Thanks for being the mom our grandchildren need and deserve. Enjoy every second you can because it will fly by and be over before you know it, then what will you do? Keep up the great work. Love Dad and Mom Mac


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