2021-2022 Back to School Printables


With all of the uncertainty whirling around us, there is one thing we can certainly rely on…

Excitement over back to school!

A little structure and routine is a welcome change from the summer frenzy. Whether attendance is to a brand new school or just celebrating advancement to the next grade, another year and all its anticipation is more than enough reasons to commemorate the first day.

Our 2021-2022 “Back to School” printable signs are so easy to print from your home; just select your grade(s) and snap a quick picture to capture the day.

Along with the excitement comes the new school year jitters. It’s normal for kids (and parents!) to have a bit of anxiety. With this year especially filled with so many unknowns, we want our kids to be able to put their best foot forward and set up for success.

Our “Letter To My Teacher” does just that.

To make the school year as smooth sailing as possible, it’s a good idea to give the teachers as much heads-up information as we can about our children to enhance the guidance and learning they receive. A lot can be forgotten over the summer, let alone from year to year. A little refresher for the whole family is a great idea. 

And to let your teachers know how much you appreciate their time and effort, our “Favorite Things” sheet provides a great opportunity to get to know your child’s teacher.

During these unprecedented times where a teacher may not get to see your full face, a simple gesture to let them know you’re thinking of them will certainly go a long way to alleviating the additional stresses placed on our educators. 

Although a stressful time, the beginning of the school year brings so many fun memories and tearful happiness. There are few things as joyful as watching our children grow and learn.




With a loud “Hooray!” for school and a great big “Thank You!” to our teachers, we wish you a very happy and healthy school year!

2021-2022 Back to School printables


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